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Customized employment

Customized employment is an individualized, flexible, and personalized process to develop employment opportunities that meet the needs of the individual and employer.

Pathways to Employment

Pathways to Employment refers to the supports, services, skills, and resources that are pertinent to helping youth with significant disabilities navigate a “path” to meaningful employment.


Self-determination occurs when individuals make choices, set goals, develop plans to attain their goals, take action to implement the plans, solve problems, and more.

Transition assessment

A process for gathering information about a student’s needs, strengths, preferences, and interests related to employment, post-secondary education, and independent living.


The WIOA is a federal law that requires state vocational rehabilitation agencies in collaboration with schools to provide pre-employment transition services to students with disabilities.

Work-based learning experiences (WBLEs)

WBLEs collaboratively engage employers and schools in providing structured work experiences for students in the school and community.




To support and serve our educators and stakeholders, a variety of  resources, including research briefs, case studies, and fact sheets, are available to both view online and download. 

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