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2024 ICTW Symposium Call for Papers
ICTW Symposium / ICTW Symposium Call for Proposals

The Illinois Center for Transition and Work is seeking submissions for the spring ICTW Symposium being held at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign on April 25 and 26. Presentations should focus on topics related to career development and transition from school to work for students with disabilities, with a special emphasis on students with extensive support needs.

Deadline for Submission: Nov. 10, 2023

Type of Presentations (all sessions are 60-minutes; AV support is available for breakout sessions only):

  • Breakout Session (research/literature review) – Presentation of a scholarly research paper or literature review.
  • Breakout Session (practice) – Description of an exemplary program or effective practice that is supported in the literature.
  • Conversation Session – Discussion of a specific topic facilitated by the presenter with up to 10 attendees at a round table. Multiple sessions will run concurrently in the same room.
  • Poster Session – Presentation of research findings or literature review in a poster format. Multiple sessions will run concurrently in the same room.

Submission Guidelines

Please address the following areas in your submission. 

1.  Title: Limited to 12 words
2.  Abstract: Limited to 120 words
3.  Content Description: Based on the type of presentation, please address the required content areas.

  • Breakout Session (Research/Literature Reviews – limit 1,200 words): For scholarly research papers include the Purpose, Method, Results, Implications for Practice, and Conclusions. For literature reviews include the Purpose, Summary of Literature, Implications for Practice, and Conclusions.
  • Breakout Session (Practice limit 600 words): Purpose, Summary of Literature, Description of Program or Practice, Implications for Practice
  • Conversation Session (limit 1,200 words): Purpose, Description of Topic, Discussion Questions
  • Poster Session (limit 600 words)Briefly address the criteria identified for the research or literature review breakout sessions

4.  Learning Objectives: Identify three learning objectives for your presentation
5.  Presenter Information: For each presenter, please provide the following information as it should appear in symposium materials: Name, Credentials, Institutional Affiliation, Email, Address, Phone Number.
6.  Availability of Presenters: Please indicate that if accepted, all presenters agree to attend the conference, pay the conference fee, have their session recorded, and not charge a separate admission fee for their session. 
7.  Alternative Format: Please indicate your willingness to present a poster or conversation session if your submission is not accepted for a breakout session. 

Applicants will be notified of the decision on their submission on or around Dec. 1, 2023.


Please contact the Illinois Center for Transition and Work at