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2022-23 Regional Workshops

Join us for one or more of our upcoming regional workshops! Led by ICTW training specialists, these workshops explore identified needs throughout the state. Four two-hour workshops will be offered synchronously online and one in-person workshop will be offered twice with sessions located in northern and southern Illinois.

All our workshops are eligible for ISBE-approved Professional Development Hours (PDH).

Registration for our online workshops is now open. There is no cost to attend the online workshops, but registration is required and space is limited.

Please check back for more details on our February in-person workshop, including locations, cost and registration.

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Overcoming Challenges to Building Successful Work-Based Learning Experiences

Wednesday, Dec. 7, 2022 | 2-4 p.m. CT
Online Workshop
Melanie Phelan, M.Ed., ICTW Training Specialist
Hannah Brenner, M.Ed., UIUC Doctoral Student

Work based learning experiences can make or break postsecondary success for students with significant disabilities. However, creating and implementing work-based learning experiences can be challenging for special education teachers. This presentation will address the importance of work-based learning experiences, the challenges that special educators face when providing these experiences, and strategies that special educators can use to address these challenges.

Participants may earn up to two ISBE-approved professional development hours for attending this workshop.

Registration for this online workshop is now closed. If you were unable to register for this workshop and are interested in attending this topic at a later date, please fill out our online interest form.

Transition Planning with an Emphasis on Employment for Students with Significant Needs

TWO SESSIONS: February 2023
Please check back for times and locations

Jim Mayer, M.S., CRC, ICTW Training Specialist
Jessica Sipovic, M.Ed., ICTW Training Specialist

Find out how to make transition planning a very vital, useful, and exciting part of the IEP process! Practical, effective techniques will be presented to help you help your students and their families with the following: effective and compliant transition assessment, goal-setting, programming/course of study, and linkages to adult services. The speakers will provide examples of sound and compliant IEP transition planning components for fictitious students with a variety of transition scenarios, including students with significant disabilities. Participants will also engage in hands-on applications of skills learned via analyzing case studies with small groups of co-participants.

Participants may earn up to three ISBE-approved professional development hours for attending this workshop.

Establishing Policies, Procedures, and Partnership Agreements for School to Work Programs

Thursday, April 27, 2023  |  3-5 p.m. CT
Online Workshop  |  REGISTER NOW
Jane Collins, M.Sc.Ed., ICTW Training Specialist

This workshop will provide an overview of the types of policies and procedures needed when developing school to work programs.  Schools are complex organizations that have many moving parts. School to work policies and partnership agreements should be clear and specific for administrators, school staff, employers, parents, and students. During this workshop we will discuss the types of written policies, guidelines, and agreements that support successful school to work programs and provide sample templates that can be customized for use at any school. 

Participants may earn up to two ISBE-approved professional development hours for attending this workshop.

Functional Behavior Assessments in the Workplace

Tuesday, Jan. 31, 2023  |  2-4 p.m. CT
Online Workshop  |  REGISTER NOW
Nicole Birri, Ed.D., ICTW Training Specialist

Work experiences are a positive predictor of post-school success for students with disabilities. However, students who exhibit challenging behavior often have limited access to community-based work experiences. In this workshop, attendees will learn how to use ecological assessments and functional behavior assessments during community-based work experiences to identify appropriate behavior support plans.

Participants may earn up to two ISBE-approved professional development hours for attending this workshop.

Developing Multi-faceted Worksites Within Large Businesses

Thursday, March 2, 2023  |  3-5 p.m. CT
Online Workshop  |  REGISTER NOW
Jessica Sipovic, M.Ed., ICTW Training Specialist

Finding worksites for students with disabilities in the community can sometimes be challenging. In this workshop we will dive into how school districts can explore large businesses in their area like hospitals, colleges, hotels, and warehouses to develop integrated, immersive, and multifaceted work-based learning opportunities. The session will address practices for community mapping, securing school-business partnerships, assessing work opportunities, and other logistical considerations. 

Participants may earn up to two ISBE-approved professional development hours for attending this workshop.